Curio Video Guide

Curio’s motion design is straightforward, easily understood, and clean. Animations move from left to right and bottom to top in order to represent a sense of development and profession forwards. 



The Curio logo animation imitates its brand appearance, using thin lines to form its structure before become whole. 

The logo is not to be used as an overlay over video or image. Instead, it should always be in Black and charcoal against Egg Shell, or White and Off White against Black or Evergreen.


Curio’s chosen type is Manrope. We use Extra Light for headers and titles, Bold for sub-titles, and Regular for body text. The general rule of thumb, in accordance with Curio’s brand guidelines, is to keep text either left-aligned or right-aligned. 



The white version of the logo is to be used in the outro against a Black or Evergreen background, alongside our website link and the arrow flourish. To distinguish itself from the logo animation used in the intro, the elements in the outro should be smaller and left-aligned.


Diagrams used in our videos always need to be against an Eggshell background and be displayed on its own.

Transition of diagram elements are kept simple, moving in a left to right or bottom to top motion. Line flourishes are to have a drawn in animation, with other flourishes fading in.

Title and Transitions

Both the title and transition animations used in Curio’s videos are all continuous and connected, emphasising progression. The margins on the left and bottom of the composition generally remains consistent throughout these motions, acting as a foundation.


Lower Thirds

Lower thirds exist as a means to convey information about the speaker without derailing the voice over at hand, while also authenticating the speakers featured in our videos.

Use of media

Regardless of stock or original footage, media used within Curio branded videos should have natural lighting and minimal posing. Diversity is also important when choosing stock images and videos to use.