Honest conversations about business

8 Aug 2018 Read 20 mins
Honest conversations about business

Isn’t it silly when someone asks how you are, you normally reply “fine” or “good thanks”, even if things aren’t so great? Whether it’s in the life of business or in our day to day interactions, it is not in our nature to let our guard down or show signs of weakness. To tackle this problem our consultant, Prebhjot and digital designer, Amy teamed up with others in our co-working space at WeWork to discover what lies underneath the surface when you have an honest conversation about the ups and downs of owning and working within business.

The result?

‘YeahGoodThanks’; a quarterly evening that invites entrepreneurial innovators to talk about the brands they own, run or work with and share how they navigated setbacks along the way. So far the event has had fantastic insights from influential Australian speakers who have each made waves within their respective industries such as Mia Klitsas from Moxie, Stanley Johnson from MYOB, Cameron Mackenzie from Four Pillars Gin, Ben Pfisterer from Square, Sarah Prescott from Thank You and Salvatore Malatesta from ST ALi. Visit to find out more!

Why they got involved

Amy and Prebhjot’s involvement is driven by the need to create a supportive dialogue for those in business to discuss and learn from the issues they’ve faced on their journey. A fundamental aspect of consulting is to dig deep into a problem to discover the underlying issue. Yeah Good Thanks is an initiative that provides a medium for people to do just that.

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