Education is increasingly a digital experience. It is being transformed through the use of technology and digital platforms that not only scale delivery, but also create more personalised education experiences. Curio works with education providers, government and EdTech startups to design, develop and implement digital solutions that improve education outcomes.
“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”
- Sydney J. Harris

Learners expect a joined-up digital learning experience across platforms. Our aim is to help our clients leverage new and existing technology and digital platforms in their organisations to create more efficient, personalised education experiences. Curio works with education providers, universities, governments and EdTech start-ups to design, develop and implement digital solutions that optimise every part of the learner journey, from student recruitment marketing and admissions, to alumni relations.

Digital strategy

We work with our clients to co-design and implement digital strategies that inspire change. We lay the foundation for improved processes and innovative thinking. Drawing on our wide experience of higher education digital strategy, education branding and learning design, digital implementation and delivery, we interrogate user needs and client capabilities to create strategic responses with impact. This includes the design, strategy and implemention of future-focused digital learning ecosystems.

Web technologies

We work with organisations to build bespoke applications that solve our clients' most pressing business and user challenges. We provide the vehicle and the expertise to test and iterate solutions to achieve strategic objectives. A significant part of our work involves creating solutions that interface learning and content management solutions such as LTIs and APIs for schools and universities and recommendations for higher education website best practice.

A Canvas web page

User experience research and design

We help education institutions design, adapt and transform their online and offline experiences. Taking a strongly data-informed approach driven by a focus on meaningful behavioural insights we help our clients to understand the full picture of user needs and behaviour, and the touchpoints where users interface with the organisation to maximise impact. We provide specialist education digital consultancy services across the full gamut of expertise from user research and protyping through to UX design, UI design, user testing and optimisation.

Content strategy

By placing content at the heart of the user experience we help our clients provide valuable information that engages their target audiences, builds brand authority and trust, and supports organic search. We use expert content audit and stakeholder engagement techniques to create content strategy, editorial strategy, content engineering and governance framework recommendations to encourage the effective structure, production, governance and performance management of content across channels.

Brand tracking

Curio brings a sophisticated, personalised approach to tracking how your brand and content are performing in the online space with a special focus on education branding. We build bespoke tools, supported by dedicated higher education brand consultancy expertise to help you measure what really matters in an agile, adaptive way. We use these insights to strategically improve content and campaign performance; whether the goal is student recruitment, retention, promoting research impact or alumni engagement.

Enhancing the Canvas LMS experience for you.

We have quickly become the team who can do anything and everything with Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) – bridging the gap between content and technology.

Canvas development and customisation

We have extensive experience in the development and implementation of content in numerous learning management systems and Canvas is our favourite. We design and develop custom functionality, LTI applications that connect with Canvas and improve the user experience. Our Canvas work with schools, vocational and higher education providers and corporate L&D provides a rich set of digital tools and content that teachers and students love, for a simpler and more connected learning experience. Our human-centred design approach puts the learner at the heart of our design.

Canvas Learning Management System

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