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We partner with our clients to develop strategies that maximise their influence while being efficient with limited resources.
“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”
- Mark van Doren

Delivery of online learning, at scale

Since the launch of Curio Academy in 2016, we have partnered with several universities and providers to deliver exceptional online learning experiences. Drawing on our ever-growing faculty, our service is scalable, flexible and streamlined to plug directly into our partner’s online learning business

In order to provide exceptional learning experiences, educators not only need to be qualified, but have the right mix of industry knowledge and teaching experience. In online learning, these qualities are of even more importance. Our faculty go through a rigorous hiring process, which ensures a high standard of academic quality and professionalism. Ongoing coaching and professional development sustains performance, as seen in our exceptional student satisfaction scores and feedback.

Curio Academy helps education institutions build and strengthen their capability to deliver the future of education.

Technology, automation and a changing workforce are transforming the nature of work. Across all levels, the need for new skills and capabilities grows. In order to succeed, education, training and development needs to be grounded in the science of how people learn and develop. It must embrace new modes of learning, thoughtfully matched to the outcome sought.

Capability development

We design and deliver exceptional professional development experiences across education.

Open courses

Online and blended courses on a range of topics of importance to the education sector that bring in expertise from Curio and our faculty.

Bespoke courses

Unique online or blended courses and programs for organisations enabling them to learn from each other and our world-class faculty.

Partner courses

Delivery of partner courses online and at scale with our faculty.

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