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Tailored to the needs, policies and processes of your institution, Curio transforms education experiences by upskilling teachers and academics to confidently teach online.
To teach is to learn twice.
Joseph Joubert

We provide bespoke support to help education providers build innovative online education experiences.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced teaching and learning to rapidly move online. Teachers are isolated and under time pressure, and a return to solely face-to-face classes may be some time away. Institutions have support mechanisms such as helpdesks and ICT support, but many continue to struggle to manage the unprecedented increase in requests. As the return to campus looks increasingly likely to take a blended approach, simply getting by online is not sufficient. We provide online teaching and learning expertise to universities, schools and training departments when the demand for support exceeds internal capacity to transform online education experiences.

Who do we help?

We work with your institution to establish the service your employees most need. Whether this is group training, one-to-one troubleshooting or longer term learning design support, we can help you to maintain student satisfaction, upskill your team and get courses online quickly, without compromising on quality.

University academics

University academics

Meet Kristina. She is a busy teaching academic at an Australian university. She is concerned that the assessment she had designed for campus classes just doesn't translate to online. She wants to talk through her options for a redesign of the task to make the assessment relevant, authentic and valuable for her students' learning.

School teachers

School teachers

Meet Gabriel. He is an early childhood teacher who is passionate about play-based learning. It is challenging to design activities that engage his young learners and he misses the daily interactions with his class. He would like to talk with a designer about how he can create engaging activities online that are suitable for his young and diverse class of learners.

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How do we work with institutions to transform educational experiences?

Support is tailored to your institution's specific needs. Typically, we provide group workshops and one-to-one troubleshooting, bookable through a dedicated booking website. This removes the administration burden on central teams to manage support across complex institutions and multiple teams.

Group workshops are recommended if there are common issues faced by many members of staff. The group workshops allow staff to work collaboratively and share experiences. Alongside workshops, we can also provide one-to-one support to staff as they try out what they have learnt in workshops, or to benefit from an expert opinion on learning materials, assessments or class activities they have already designed. This service can also be extended into technical troubleshooting on a range of LMS, including Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard and Brightspace.

Curio will create a branded booking website for your institution. The website will be customised to include specific information for staff. You can choose the type of support on offer, and this can be combined with internal support already on offer. Workshops and one-to-one support sessions are run by qualified experts learning designers and online facilitators.

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