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Design for spread and scale
- Denise Gershbein

Education is evolving

Education as a sector is evolving, with high-quality qualifications and credentials offered by industry experts increasingly recognised by professional bodies and employers. There is a growing desire amongst students for more flexible, personalised learning than is typically offered by a traditional three or four year on-campus degree programme.

Offer more flexible ways to learn

There is tremendous opportunity for universities to capitalise on research excellence and reputation and for professional bodies to leverage their industry credentials to offer new ways for students to learn and develop their skills. Whether you are a professional body or a university, Curio can help you to use market insights to unbundle or redesign existing courses, and develop new ones to better meet the needs of students seeking opportunities for shorter, targeted and flexible remote or blended learning.

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Reach new types of learners

Make the most of data to understand the local and global education market and where your institution can offer the most value to a wider cohort through courses tailored to individual student goals and needs. Unbundle existing degree programmes into postgraduate certificates or flexible micro-credentials to enable learners to upskill and develop their skills on-the-go, at home, at their own pace.

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How can we work with you

We are fully fee-for-service, meaning you only pay for the services you need. From strategic and marketing advice, to team-building and organisational change, through to learning design and platform development, online facilitation and student support, we can support you the entire way, from market research and determining your value proposition, to delivery. Our partners maintain control over their revenue and course offerings and we work with them in the way that suits them best, helping make the most of existing resources and capabilities to ensure they are able to successfully respond to the rapidly shifting ed-tech landscape.

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Our partnership values

Central to our way of partnering with universities, schools and professional bodies are our values. Learners are at the heart of what we do and who we are here to serve. In all partnerships, we consider the art, the science and the economics of learning. We focus on great design, strongly informed by the science and technology of learning, supported with sustainable enrolments and a robust business model. Many of our staff join us directly from academia and this strong educator and academic culture, combined with our values ensures we remain aligned to that of our partners.

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