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Opus offers a unique online solution for academic workload allocation and management

One of the most important processes in higher education is academic workload management.  Yet, year on year most institutions rely on static, complex spreadsheets that few people can understand or use. This is slow. It is high risk. It is opaque.

So, we built Opus. Your online platform for smart academic workload management. Opus has been developed specifically for institutions by people who work at institutions and understand their needs and processes. It enables secure, efficient and transparent management of academic workloads.

Digitise your workload allocation process

Manage, allocate and report on academic and educator workloads fairly and transparently. Gain valuable insights into your workforce allocation and improve productivity.

A suite of customisable features to manage multiple workload models

With Opus you can manage multiple workload models across the university and observe detailed reports on aggregated and individual levels. Map your existing processes with a flexible solution and configure the platform with your institution’s branding.

Expert insight and advice on how to structure and optimise your workload models

We evaluate the current state of existing workload models and facilitate staff workshops for feedback, research and input to give strategic advice on improved workload models, policies and options.

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