The fastest way to build stunning and consistent courses in Canvas. 

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Scaffold helps you design exceptional Canvas courses with impact

Scaffold is a template system for building Canvas pages and courses. It helps you quickly build up your pages from predefined components that fit your organisation’s visual identity.

Scaffold handles the look and feel so you can just focus on the learning content.


Consistent visual identity for a better online experience

With access to templates and components Scaffold is designed to communicate your visual branding whilst making it easy for students to learn your course content. By using Scaffold, you can align courses to your branding guidelines, providing a consistent experience for the learner.

Reusable components

Build it once! Scaffold is a component-based system, which allows you to reuse the same components over and over providing consistency and efficiency when building your courses. This saves you and your teams hours of design and development effort. 

Accessibility and responsiveness

Ensure your courses meet accessibility guidelines with our suite of components which are WCAG 2.0 AA compliant. Not only are they accessible, but they look great on mobile devices and desktop screens. 

Take your courses to the next level and let Scaffold help you create better learning experiences today.

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