Self and peer assessment

Empower learners to understand areas of improvement and find learning that supports their goals.   

Our products

Identify capability strengths and gaps to provide learners with recommended learning resources

Our self and peer assessment tools provide learners with valuable insights into their strengths and development areas. From there empower your learners to create customised learning pathways as part of a tailored professional development experience. 


Learners can identify skills gaps and track their learning progress over time

Create or use an existing skills or capability framework to assess your learners. Customise the questions and responses to suit your learning context. 

Learners receive recommendations for courses and resources to gain new skills and knowledge

Provide learners with course and professional development recommendations based on their assessment results. 

Administrators gain valuable insights into learners’ strengths and capabilities

Easy to set up, administer and use. The self and peer assessment interface facilitates management and captures valuable information for your organisation. 

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