Learning analytics

Curio enables institutions to harness the value of their learner data and extract insights that drive changes in teaching and learning.

What we do

Insight to enhance the learner experience

The digital revolution across learning has unleashed vast amounts of data. Learning analytics including data on class attendance, task completion, engagement in content and many others can inform the learner experience and help institutions target resources or interventions where they are needed most. Curio advises institutions and implements learning analytics solutions with the learner and teacher at the centre. We help education providers:

  • Develop analytics frameworks
  • Design and develop learner metrics through interactions with content and system touch points.
  • Design reports in PowerBI and Tableau that drive insights on learner engagement, progress, and conversion to new programs in higher education
  • Identify learner pain points in the curriculum
  • Improve and innovate with real-time A/B testing and assessment of content, curriculum and teaching delivery.
  • Improve learner retention in higher education programs
  • Identify and intervene with struggling or disengaged learners in real-time 

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