Market research for learning and development products

We help educators and organisations compete at a global level with market research, strategy, and product optimisation.

What we do

Brand differentiation in a global market

Learning and development products exist in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. What was once only local is now global with top tier providers competing for emerging markets. This can make it difficult to get your courses in front of your target learners. There are big strategic questions about whether to market direct to learners, or whether to place your course on an online learning platform.

We operate in a global market for courses and credentials

Technology empowers access to world-class learning without the need to relocate. This means higher education and learning and development organisations have to think beyond their local sphere of influence to compete.

Curio is an international team of experts, educators, and developers who are already working at the forefront of a globalised marketplace. Our team can help organisations see opportunities beyond traditional local scaling strategies so they can remain competitive in a changing world.

Aggergator platforms open market opportunities, but at the expense of brand differentiation

It is now easier than ever for learners to compare opportunities against each other. On the one hand, this is a great way for organisations to get exposure and break into new markets. On the other hand, this can make it even harder to stand out.

We help you differentiate by not only thinking about how your offerings come together, but also how you present individual offerings to target markets.

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