Learning and development for a changing world

Our world is transforming at an ever-increasing pace. As educators, industry leaders, and visionaries, it’s not enough to merely respond to changes in learning and development. You must boldly write the future for how students, employees, and life-long learners interact with you. Curio helps you create adaptable and engaging learning environments that are built for tomorrow, but achievable now.

Who we are

A history of learning innovation

Curio was established in 2015 by David Bowser, a neuroscientist and business advisor, with the aim of bringing together the creative and curious in order to improve humanity through the power of learning and development.

We are now a global team of experts spread from California to London, Shanghai to Hong Kong, with our roots firmly planted where it all began in Melbourne, Australia.

Where we are

We are a truly global team with experts in every continent and offices in Melbourne, Sydney, London, and Austin. 

How we work

Education as a sector is evolving, with more professional bodies and employers recognising high-quality qualifications and credentials offered by industry experts. Curio offers fee-for-service consultancy. In contrast to online program management, you only pay for the services you need, whether that’s designing your value proposition, learning design and development, marketing and lead generation, online facilitation, or student support.

Who we are

A diverse team of learning experts

True growth and innovation happen when different people and perspectives come together to challenge ideas and assumptions. This commitment to diversity drives our approach to collaboration.