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Mission statement

Our mission at Curio is to empower educational institutions and organizations with innovative and effective solutions through expert LMS consulting.

Bespoke LMS Template

A great template supports student learning, boosts engagement, and sets your learners up for success.

We draw on our deep knowledge of the science of learning to build beautiful templates, unique to your institution, and founded on the principles of human-centred design.

We work with you to put your learners and their context at the heart of your learning experiences. Our end-to-end approach includes blueprinting, storyboarding, and media production.



Scaffold is a templating tool that helps you to build stunning and consistent courses without technical knowledge. 

By managing the look and feel of your courses centrally, Scaffold frees your faculty to focus on your desired learning outcomes so they can create great learning experiences.

Reusable components and standardisation mean you can keep all your courses up to date quickly and efficiently. 


Drive growth and scale for your online courses with Palette course catalogue.

Palette delivers simple, beautiful, custom portals for learners to discover, purchase and enrol in your education experiences.

Sitting on top of your existing LMS, Palette helps you maximise the value from your existing programs.

The Learning Journal

Help your students capture their thoughts and reflections with the Learning Journal. 

The Journal integrates seamlessly with your LMS, accompanying your learners as they move between units of study.

As an evolving portfolio of evidence, the Journal is especially useful for learners on executive education and professional development programs.

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