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As part of our celebrations for our fifth birthday, we have re-launched our podcast channel, Educate Futures.

Educate Futures explores innovations in learning and teaching, with a focus on how to use them in your practice. Join Rob Jack as he interviews educators and experts to uncover practical ways to enhance your teaching. Each episode is designed to share best practices and give you practical ways to improve your students’ experience.

We are kicking off our first 6-part series of Educate Futures, Enhancing Digital Learning, with Neuroscientist and Author, Dr Jared Cooney Horvath. In this series, we explore what neuroscience can tell us about good teaching practices in online education. Whether you are preparing content for your virtual learning environment or delivering online webinars, this series will give you practical advice you can carry out in your teaching.

New episodes will be released fortnightly. To stay up to date, subscribe if your listening platform allows, follow Educate Futures on Twitter at @educatefutures and Instagram via @educatefuturespodcast.

Download, Listen, and Enjoy!

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