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A user-friendly CMS for The Institute of Positive Education

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The Institute of Positive Education is an initiative by Geelong Grammar School aimed at improving student wellbeing. Curio Digital worked with the Institute to codesign the Positive Education Enhanced Curriculum (PEEC) portal. PEEC is a research-based explicit Positive Education curriculum that has been developmentally sequenced from Early Learning (age four) through to Year 12. The Institute had identified several issues with the way the curriculum was being delivered. Curio worked closely with key stakeholders through a series of design workshops to produce a series of designs for feedback and review.

Through an iterative process, these designs moved from conceptual wireframes to lo and hi-fidelity mock-ups, at each stage refining and incorporating feedback. Requirements identified through the workshops and wider research informed the development of the technical solution and architecture. Through a series of development sprints, we built functionality into the portal over a period of four months. Curio provided hosting, training and end-user support to the Institute’s administration team.

The PEEC portal now enables the Institute to reach a wider audience, spend less time in administration and offer access to curriculum resources in an online format. Currently, the PEEC portal has almost 10,000 registered members accessing a world-leading curriculum on positive education. Making the most of WordPress CMS’ flexibility and user-friendly features, we built a platform that enables non-developers at the Institute of Positive Education to easily keep the site’s layout and content updated, empowering them to make quick and easy content changes as their needs adapt over time.

Making the most of plugins such as Yoast, which provides easy-to-follow recommendations to improve SEO for content editors as they create pages. Additionally, as part of the fully responsive, flexible design we also ensured compliance with W3C accessibility standards. Website visitors can now instantly and intuitively understand the Institute of Positive Education’s positioning and benefits of membership for educational professionals and access content and learning resources.

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